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Hi, I am getting to a stage when I am going to use SCC (small claims court), but do not want the hassle. BA has rejected my application for refund 4x, including 2x following the 2 years rule.
They even told me over the phone on Saturday that they will refund the money and that I will receive an email confirming when the money is going to refunded to me, only the next day Sunday to receive a confirmation that no refund will take place – I did record the conversation with BA, thus have an evidence of what they told me over the phone.
We bought flight tickets in 2019 for 2020, in 2021 my husband’s health has been deteriorating with 2x heart attack, 2x heart failure, 1x kidney failure and leukaemia diagnosis making us unable to travel. Provided BA with all medical records in September 2021, still they would not refund the money.
Waited for the 2 year rule, our vouchers issued on 21st April 2020 – got rejected 2x since.
They are not answering or helping and it seems I have no other option but to take them to SCC.

How did your claim go? Have you been successful?