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C Gray

At last someone has taken BA on and won I am now at least slightly hopeful of regaining approximately £1500 from the voucher I am never going to use.
BA have behaved terribly in my view and so far there has been little justice. I did accept a voucher in the knowledge my flight could not go ahead before it was cancelled.
We wanted to defer until the not yet a pandemic was over not knowing how bad it would get and had the intention originally to rebook in a few weeks or so not knowing two years later we still can not take
our flight due to other commitments at home.
I am still not over confident however I am prepared to have a go due to this site and Dr Fotheringhame making his win public so appreciation goes to him and I hope it is okay to go and share the site link out there for others to benefit.
I will post if I get any kind of success.