Convert your airline voucher into a refund

When the COVID pandemic hit millions of people had flights cancelled and were legally entitled to refunds. The airlines forced many to accept vouchers which they can make worthless whenever they want. This site will show you how to force the airlines to exchange your vouchers for cash refunds.

This is NOT a commercial site


This is a not-for-profit site. We’re not trying to sell you anything. We’re here to provide free advice on how to enforce your legal rights with airlines.


After successfully suing British Airways to convert a flight voucher into a cash refund, we set up this site to help others get the refunds they are entitled to.


Whether you contribute your experiences in our discussion groups or just decide to challenge an airline, you’ll be helping others get their legally entitled compensation.

The law is on your side


If you’ve taken an airline voucher for a cancelled flight and would now like to exchange it for a cash refund this site is for you. In April 2021 I successfully sued British Airways in the UK Small Claims Court to force them to exchange my BA voucher for a refund.

My flight was cancelled due to COVID back in 2020, I naturally wanted a cash refund but BA had deliberately made it extremely hard to obtain a cash refund so I was forced to accept a voucher instead. After failing to get anywhere with their complaints department I used the very simple and cheap Small Claims process, represented myself in a video court hearing and won the full value of my ticket and the small costs I had incurred in making the claim. I’m not a lawyer and have no legal training, anyone can do what I did at very limited expense and with a good chance of success.


  1. Try the airline’s complaints procedure – this is optional but it may look good when you get to court to show you tried this first.
  2. Open a claim with the small claims court here. It must be for £10,000 or less. The process is quick and simple. The fee ranges from £25 for a claim of £300 up to £410 for a claim of £10,000. You will be refunded all of this if/when you win. You should also ask for interest during the application steps.
  3. Eventually the court will be in touch and ask you to write a short witness statement. This is quick and easy – you DON’T need any legal help – but we provide some tips here. Half of claimants represent themselves. The system is deliberately designed to support ordinary people representing themselves.
  4. Eventually you’ll get a court hearing date from your local County Court. These hearings are conducted online by video at present and maybe well into the future. They usually last less than hour and are very informal – you DON’T need any legal help – but we provide some tips here. Also bear in mind that if the airline does not chose to settle the case before the hearing, they will be incurring significant legal costs – probably a few thousand pounds – before and during the hearing which they cannot get back even if they win. So by bringing the case you are giving the airlines the option to pay some lawyers thousands of pounds or pay you whatever your ticket value was. If enough people start bringing cases we may get the airlines to do the right thing purely in their own commercial self-interests.



Here’s some simple tips for completing your application – it’ll take you 5 minutes.


A few pages at most is enough and we’ve got some simple pointers to help.


It’s a polite and informal process but we’ll let you know what to expect and how to prepare.


You can help others by:

sharing your experiences on the discussion forums

posting yours and the airline’s witness statements on the forum if you get that far

offer to appear as a witness for other members. You can offer to simply provide a witness statement for other people’s cases. This proves to the court that they aren’t a one-off, their bad experiences are common. You don’t even have to appear at the hearing – although it adds weight to your evidence. BA’s witness didn’t appear in my hearing.

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